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2022 Swing Collage Exchange

Since the pandemic continues to limit our ability to meet in person, the NW Collage Society has held several member exchanges. For the winter of 2022 this exchange focused on creating dynamic collages (swing collages) based on a common template which allowed the center section of the collage to "swing" from one side to the other. To better understand this concept, click Swing Collage. This gallery shows the finished pieces. Multiple views are shown when the artist supplied them.

Susan Lehman Collage 1 Side 1
Susan Lehman Collage 2 Side 1
Susan Lehman Collage 3 Side 1
Peggy Ostrander Collage 1 Side 1 folded
Peggy Ostrander Collage 2 Side 1 folded
Judith Noble Dance!--Side 1
Debbie Smith Collage 1 Side 1
Teresa Ettel Collage 1 Side 1
Elsa Bouman Collage 1 Side 1
Kim Weers Threads--Side 1
Kim Weers Faces--Side 1
Andrea Lewicki Collage 1 side 1
Andrea Lewicki Collage 2--side 1
Lynne Olson Collage 1--side 1
Lynne Olson Collage 2--side 1
Elaine LaTourelle Collage 1--side 1
Janice Balla Collage 1
Janice Balla Collage 2
Janice Balla Collage 3
Anne Kitaeff Collage 1-side 1
Anne Kitaeff Collage 2--side 1
Michelle Unger Collage 1
Gina Hanzsek Spring Into Fall--side 1
Wendy James Collage 1
Leslie Currie Collage front and back
John Arbuckle Collage 1-side 1
Colleen Monette Collage 1-side 1
Carole Carroll Collage 1-side 1
Nicola Beeson Collage 1-side 1
Kathryn Kim Collage-side 1
Carol Ladas Gaskin Collage 1-side 1
Carol Ladas Gaskin Collage 2-side 1

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