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Established to advance the stature of collage as a major art medium.

Northwest Collage Society Board positions

A commitment of 2-3 years is desirable for all board positions.

There are 5 board meetings a year. Board meetings are conducted via Zoom, every other month, Tuesdays, 10:30-12:30 and Saturdays, 9-11, alternately. The NWCS fiscal year is September to September.

Descriptions of responsibilities:

Membership Chairman
  • Attend 5 board meetings that are scheduled for the calendar year.
  • Deposit membership checks, and notify Treasurer.
  • Review and respond to email in the NWCS member inbox. Send out new member welcome letter.
  • Maintain a current membership roster and provide to board. Distribute membership roster to membership each January.
  • Welcome new members and guests at general meetings. Set up the Welcome table before each meeting.
  • Maintain and create name tags which are available for each general meeting.
  • Be available to listen to member’s input and relay pertinent information to the board.
  • Work closely with the Membership Liaison to expand membership engagement.
Member Liaison
  • Work closely with the Membership Chair to expand membership engagement.
  • Actively engage with the membership to field questions and concerns.
  • Act as a liaison between the membership and the Board.
  • Have a suggestion box available at meetings and keep the suggestions/notes.
  • Attend both NWCS General & Board meetings to pass on information and suggestions from the members.
  • Take minutes at General Meetings and Board Meetings
  • Distribute all minutes electronically to Board Members
  • Maintain printed copies of all minutes and Treasurer’s Report in loose leaf notebooks and bring current year to membership meetings
  • Bring numbers for collage drawing to General Membership Meeting
  • Responsible for maintaining and balancing of financial books including depositing of funds received, funds disbursed, and monthly reconciliation of same.
  • Reconciliation to PayPal account and transfer of same to Chase account as necessary.
  • Reporting of above to Board and to General Membership on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Familiar with using QuickBooks and Excel. Templates are set up in QuickBooks.
  • Maintain current information on dues paying members.
  • Make disbursements of funds as necessary for rent, awards, stipends, expense reimbursements, retreat income and outlay, and any other expenses as the board and/or membership deems necessary.
Newsletter Editor
  • The newsletter editor will create, publish, and distribute (electronically) a newsletter five times per year. The contents of the newsletter will include NWCS activities, membership news, meeting notes, and upcoming events, and photos as available.
  • The editor will maintain archival PDF copies of all past newsletters they have created.
  • The newsletter editor may distribute email messages to the membership, with NWCS specific relevant art news, announcements, calls for artists, etc. Email addresses will be obtained from the membership chair, for newsletter distribution to paid members.
  • The editor will request information and member news two weeks prior to all NWCS Board meetings; the newsletter will be published and emailed to members not later than the first day of the month in which the general meeting is held.
  • In order to publish the newsletter, the editor will need to have software and knowledge of desktop publishing, to layout both text and image and to format documents for electronic messaging (e.g., Word, Publisher, InDesign, etc.). Photo editing software is helpful for members’ images that are published (e.g., Photoshop, PhotoStudio, etc.).
Program Coordinator
  • Research artists and presenters for bi-monthly meetings. Line up presenters for the coming year after review with the board members.
  • Be the contact person for all presenters; procure bio, images and brief program description for NWCS newsletter & website.
  • Communicate with venue if audio/visual equipment is needed.
  • Meet and greet presenter at the meetings and make introduction to members.
  • Revise and distribute,yearly member survey, during June meeting.
  • More details available to interested volunteers.
Show Coordinators: Position 1 of 3
  • Create online prospectus in EntryThingy. Previous show info all defaults in, so you simply change dates, etc.
  • When you receive Entrythingy email that an entry was submitted, check that each piece meets all requirements.
  • Verify entry fee paid. Email members to confirm check receipt.
  • Keep a spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets, or just list by hand) as a permanent record of show entries. A copy is used to sign show art in and out.
  • After show entry deadline prepare the entries for the juror.
  • Set up juror on EntryThingy.
  • After the juror’s selections, email results to each participant.
  • Each show coordinator is a board member. Attending board meetings is very desirable, but can be waived.
Shows Coordinator 2 of 3
  • Receive show art on the delivery day at the Shoreline Masonic Lodge or at the venue for the Spring and Fall Shows.
  • Coordinate the pick up of the art after each show closes.
  • Mail art back to members who live remotely.
  • Create awards for each show and present the awards at the receptions.
Shows Coordinator 3 of 3
  • Secure venues for two collage shows yearly.
  • Responsible for the show receptions.
  • Help Shows Coordinator 2 during delivery and pick up of each show.
  • Attend board meetings.
Social Media Coordinators
The NWCS Social Media Coordinator is responsible for using Social Media to increase:
  • The NWCS’s online presence.
  • Public awareness of our shows and other activities.
  • Members’ interest and capabilities to post their own collage art as part of the NWCS community.
  • Our ideal Social Media Coordinator will already be posting his/her own art and/or activities regularly on at least one Social Media platform and be comfortable posting to existing NWCS accounts on Facebook and Instagram.
The Social Media Coordinator will work closely with the Shows Committee and NWCS Website Coordinator. Board meeting attendance is preferred, but not required. This is a non-voting Board position.

Website Editors
Position 1 (1 or 2 people): The website editor(s) update the website prior to each meeting and show.
  • Add program information, show information, images, announcements.
  • Keep board contact information up-to-date, and member, program speaker links up-to-date.
  • Keep additional pages updated as needed. (Retreat, Volunteer descriptions, Awards, Entry page).
  • Keep external links updated; forms, calendar, Privacy Policy and PayPal payment buttons.
  • Manage the email integration.
  • Position 2: Creates and maintains the Online Show Gallery pages.
  • Volunteers must be familiar with web development/management including Bootstrap 4+, HTML, CSS3 and a photo editing program.
Member Activities Coordinator
During the Covid Pandemic it became obvious that there was a need within the NW Collage Society for members to stay in touch and build community even though they could not be physically together to celebrate their art. Therefore the board added a new position, Member Activities Coordinator.
  • Design collage activities for members to build community. Activities may include but are not limited to artist trading cards, postcards, and round robin journals.
  • Design at least two activities yearly.
  • Knowledge of the use of an Excel spreadsheet is helpful to keep track of member participation in the activities.
  • Coordinate the annual World Collage Day postcard exchange.
  • Write newsletter articles about the member activities.
  • Attend board meetings.
Retreats Coordinator(s)
We have 2 Retreats a year. A February 2-day retreat at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood and a Day-Retreat in the Ballard community of Seattle. These retreats are coordinated by at least two people.
  • Schedule retreats with facilities
  • Update registration forms, fliers and manage registration
  • Set-up, take-down and prep at the facilities
  • Coordinate demos
  • Follow up survey, outreach
Historian: Artist Statement Binder & History Book Maintenance
Compilation/management of current artists bio/artist statements in physical binder that goes to each show on artist reception night. In applicable cases it will stay at gallery for duration of show.
  • Shows team sends list of current show accepted art to Artist Bio Chairperson who then contacts members to be sure we have a current bio/artist statement. Bio/artist statement should be updated on a bi-yearly (every two years) basis.
  • Be responsible for delivering and retrieving the binder from each show venue.
  • Keep the history books that have been previously created and bring to each General Meeting. Update with reception images, show postcards, program information, etc.
Marketing Material Design & Maintenance
  • Update brochure, make reprints.
  • Design & produce show postcards, send to printer, deliver to show coordinator and/or venue.
  • Create Announcement PDF for website.
  • Familiarity with photo editing program, layout program and prepping files for printer required.

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