NWCS Spring Show 2020: Washington State Suffrage Centennial

Washington State History Museum

Tacoma, WA | 1911 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA

Suzanne Bailie Peggy Joan Maxie
Suzanne Bailie Susie Revels Cayton
Leslee Currie We Shall Not Be Denied
Leslee Currie Eaton's Suffrage Feat
Lisa Sheets Hero: Ida Wells
Lisa Sheets Hero: Lucy Burns
Lisa Sheets Hero: Maryll Ann Shadd Cary
Liz Simpson Those Were the Days
Cheryl Chudyk Progression
Cheryl Chudyk Suppression
Janet Atlas SBA 1871
Kathryn V. White Resonating Truth
Colleen Monette One Chance
Colleen Monette Shadow Army
Kudra Migliaccio Yesler
Claudia Mazzie_Ballheim Oh the Women
Colleen Foye Bollen Golly! Look at us
Kathryn Kim The Unfinished Business of Building One America
Lynn Skordal When They Finally Guaranteed Us the Vote
Meg Gray Don't Drop the Ball
Nancy Meldahl We Vote
Elsa Bouman and Juanita Choo Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
John Nelson Arbuckle Difficult Times
Wendy James Voice



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