NWCS Members Fall Exhibit 2021

Collage: Small Works

Frances Anderson Center, Arts Festival Gallery

700 Main St, Edmonds, WA 98020

Driving Directions

Lisa Alden Skies Of Consciousness
Lisa Alden Compassionate Gaze
Lisa Alden Red Slipper
Kudra Migliaccio Journey I
Kudra Migliaccio Harvest Joy

NW Collage Society Autumn 2021 Award

Kudra Migliaccio Journey 11
Randena Walsh Blue Poppy
Randena Walsh Ocean Spray
Randena Walsh Night Flight
Michele Unger Impending Sandstorm

Merit Award

Michele Unger Samarakand
Michele Unger Ikat
Marcia Meckelson Miller PNW Lanscape
Marcia Meckelson Miller Ride Sally Ride
Nancy Meldahl Onward
Nancy Meldahl Upward
Nancy Meldahl Consider - No Negatives
Nicole Mertes Moonlit Hare Fight
Nicole Mertes Flower Power
Nicole Mertes Magic World
Gail Larson Sea Pods
Gail Larson Brushed With Gold
Gail Larson Soul Of Patina
Karen K Mueller Flapper Girl With Flower Headdress
Karen K Mueller Woman With Fern Headress
Karen K Mueller Tattooed Woman With Button Headdress
Anne La Fever Self Admiration
Anne La Fever Toscanini's Forever Love
Anne La Fever Medieval Melange
Cheryl Chudyk Let's Sail
Cheryl Chudyk Dreams Are Like Bubbles
Cheryl Chudyk Always Together
Kim McIver The Ebullient Now
Kathy Parker Form 1
Kathy Parker Form 2
Arlene Mraz Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Colleen Foye Bollen Encounter
Colleen Foye Bollen Evolving
Colleen Foye Bollen Mystery
Ann Ringstad Sunset Seafloor
Ann Ringstad Burdened
Janet Atlas Two Views
Janet Atlas Storm On Collagis Prime
Janet Atlas Finding the Center
Lynn Prewitt Why Me?
Lynn Prewitt Lost In Blue
Lynn Prewitt The Lady And The Tiger
Kim Weers Emigrating

Eleanor Wolters Smith Memorial Award

Kim Weers Above The Artic Circle
Kim Weers Hear The Earth Singing
Elsa Bouman Wandering Boy
Elsa Bouman Twilight In Poughkeepsie
Elsa Bouman Belle's First Day

Merit Award

John Arbuckle Strange Things Happen On Exchange Place
John Arbuckle Inspecting Devestation
John Arbuckle Cored Apples
Colleen Monette Electric Legs

Merit Award

Colleen Monette First Ride
Colleen Monette See Myself
Nan Harty The Beholder

Gay Jensen Award for Innovation in Collage Art

Nan Harty All American
Nan Harty Summertime
Robert Stockton (Searching For) The Invincible Horizon
Robert Stockton Flight School Freshman
Robert Stockton Uncertain Epiphany
Peggy Ostrander Mother Nature Makes The Best Quilts
Peggy Ostrander Paradise; Paved?
Peggy Ostrander He Was All About Nasdaq; She Was All About Life
Lynne Conrad Marvet Global Warming
Lynne Conrad Marvet Territorial Passages
Lynne Conrad Marvet Waves Of Coarse and Subtle Thought
Debbie Smith Finding Flow
Debbie Smith Still Life
Debbie Smith Before Times
Gina Hanzsek Driving Home
Gina Hanzsek Tea Time
Gina Hanzsek Butterflies Make Me Smile
Martha Soriano The Three Containers
Martha Soriano Lavender Melancholy
Martha Soriano The Gourd Feast
Kathryn V White Ambiance
Kathryn V White Warm-hearted Joy
Lynn Skordal Various Causes of Humming

NW Collage Society Award

Lynn Skordal Instructions For Set J
Lynn Skordal Snapshot
Wendy James Listen
Wendy James Honor

Peggy Tuttle Memorial Award

Wendy James Explorer
Nicola Beeson Amazing
Nicola Beeson Zip It
Nicola Beeson Dog Moon
Cindy Smith Shih Domestic Bliss
Cindy Smith Shih Women's Work
Cindy Smith Shih Irrational Thought
Lisa Sheets Freedom
Lisa Sheets Hope
Kathryn Kim The Dress

Merit Award

Kathryn Kim Monkey Monkey
Kathryn Kim Death Poem
Janice Clem Floral 1
Janice Clem Floral 2
Janice Clem Floral 3
Teresa Ettel And There She Was No. 1
Teresa Ettel And There She Was No. 2
Teresa Ettel And There She Was No. 3
Louise Pietrafesa Escape
Louise Pietrafesa What's It All About?
Stella Gausman Koi

Northwest Collage Society Awards: View description for each of our named awards.

Juror: Meredith Arnold

Meredith Arnold book

Meredith Arnold is sparked by the challenge of combining a variety of materials to create collage, jewelry, and mixed media work with color. As the Director of ArtWorks, an art center in Edmonds, Washington, she has the privilege of working with artists at every level: mentoring, exhibition, developing programs, and as a resource for business practices to help further their careers.

Her work has been published in many books and magazines since 1998. Her handmade books are featured in Exploring Polymer Clay: New Ways with New Materials, a sculpture-collage work is included in Wire in Design: Modern Wire Art & Mixed Media, as well as featured articles in Jewelry Artist and other magazines. Ms. Arnold’s work is shown at the Gallery at Towne Center (Lake Forest Park, WA), Tacoma Metal Arts Center (Tacoma, WA), Hanson Gallery
(Seattle, WA) and in the Edmonds Art Studio Tour (each September, Edmonds, WA).



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