NWCS Members Fall Exhibit 2020

collaging through a pandemic
The Northwest Collage Society's first online-only exhibit

All collages are for sale, except as indicated. Please contact gallery@nwcollagesociety.org for artist contact information.

Lisa Sheets Covid Dreaming
Lisa Sheets It Was A Shock To Us NFS
Lisa Sheets The Rainbow NFS

Peggy Tuttle Memorial Award

Radena Walsh Blue Window
Radena Walsh Limpet and Seaweed
Radena Walsh Longing
Lynn Skordal Down on the Farm
Lynn Skordal I Apologize

Northwest Collage Society Award

Lynn Skordal The Tin Man Gets Her Heart
Kathryn V White Colorlicious NFS
Kathryn V White Cosmic Explorer (Book Plate) NFS
Kathryn V White Raven Play (Triptych) NFS
Karen Pauley A Figure #9
Karen Pauley Lesson 41 NFS
Nan Harty Fool Me Once
Nan Harty How We Have Learned to Love the Forest Like Trespassers with a Key
Nan Harty Is That You Aunt Margaret?
Lisa Alden Uncertainty and Hope
Lisa Alden Embrace Compassion
Lisa Alden Poof and Repeat
Debbie Smith Does Anyone Really Know What Day It Is?

Merit Award

Debbie Smith When Life Gives You Lemons
Debbie Smith Where There's Smoke
Marilee Clarke mod NFS
Marilee Clarke Home on the Range NFS
Marilee Clarke Nesting Instincts NFS
Susan Lehman Haunted Woods NFS
Susan Lehman Looking In NFS
Susan Lehman Thru the Woods NFS
Susan K Miller Crop Circle

Merit Award

Susan K Miller Nighttime Skyline
Susan K Miller Topography
Jan Clem Staying In Touch Edition I: Vintage Old Maid Collaged Postcards NFS
Jan Clem Staying In Touch Edition II: Vintage Authors Collaged Postcards NFS
Jan Clem Staying In Touch Edition III: Vintage Sewing Ephemera Collaged Postcards NFS
Susan Lauzac #Alone Together NFS
Wendy James Coincidence?
Wendy James Great Cakes
Wendy James Held Aloft
Kathryn Kim Reflect NFS
Kathryn Kim Recede NFS
Kathryn Kim Revive NFS
Barbara Matthews Exposed
Barbara Matthews Overwhelmed
Barbara Matthews Tormented
Nicole Mertes Keyboard
Nicole Mertes Prophecy
Nicole Mertes Veiled Face
Louise Pietrafesa Together NFS
Louise Pietrafesa Hero NFS
Ann Ringstad Botanical Tears
John Arbuckle Tea Time
John Arbuckle Authentic
John Arbuckle The Gardener
Daniel Lynds Ink Me In Memes
Daniel Lynds Past Masks
Daniel Lynds Your Body Changes Everything
Carol Nielsen Focused Reflection
Carol Nielsen Hidden Away
Carol Nielsen Scattered
Nancy Meldahl Aspire
Nancy Meldahl Connected I
Nancy Meldahl Connected II
Dawn Hudson Hey Boo Boo NFS
Dawn Hudson Are My Earrings Too Much? NFS
Janet Atlas Uncertainty

Merit Award

Sandee Johnson Zoo Conversations
Sandee Johnson Tongues of Babel
Sandee Johnson Neptune's Daughter
Judith Sander Trigger Button
Judith Sander Imagining Serenity
Judith Sander Love Bird Lounge
Judith Sander Written Thoughts

Merit Award

Liz Simpson Flood Zones 1 & 2. (Diptych) NFS
Liz Simpson The Desert Song NFS
Anne LaFever Nature' Warrior
Anne LaFever The Botanist
Anne LaFever The Naturalist
Elsa Bouman Planetary Planes-#1
Elsa Bouman Planetary Planes-#2
Elsa Bouman Planetary Planes-#3
Marion Canan Benny

Northwest Collage Society Autumn Award

Marion Canan Winston
Marion Canan Joey
Steven Specht Can We Please Wait to Reopen?
Steven Specht The Rising Up
Steven Specht Saving Grace
Cheryl Chudyk How Does the Screen's Most Convincing Hoodlum Handle People Who Get the Cough
Cheryl Chudyk Butterfly Space Station
Cheryl Chudyk Outside in the Pandemic
Susan Weihrich Quietness In Solitude
Susan Weihrich Really?
Susan Weihrich And Then There Were Three
Suzanne Bailie HMJ
Suzanne Bailie The Constant Monologue
Suzanne Bailie Waiting
Carolyn Donovan Modern Jazz ( for Travis) NFS
Gina Hanzsek Interior Design IV
Gina Hanzsek Roma
Gina Hanzsek Time Shards

Eleanor Wolters Smith Award

Gail Larson Tango
Gail Larson Traveling Asia 1
Gail Larson Traveling Asia 2
Delorse Lovelady Let Me Out NFS
Delorse Lovelady Life in a Bubble NFS
Carole Bleistein Do the Math
Carole Bleistein Piece By Piece, Covid Series
Leslee Currie Emerging Spring NFS
Leslee Currie Not Quite Alone NFS
Leslee Currie Petite Collage X Infinity NFS
Kudra Migliaccio Pandemia
Kudra Migliaccio Outbreak 19
Michele Unger Continuity and Context NFS
Michele Unger MudMan #1 NFS
Michele Unger MudMan #2 NFS

Juror: Lisa Myers Bulmash

Lisa Myers Bulmash Lisa Myers Bulmash

As a visual artist, I am obsessed with joining elements that seem to have no relationship to each other. As an artist parent, I am driven to spotlight the contradictory narratives in American society that marginalize the most vulnerable. These collisions of ideas lead me to work in three mediums: collage, assemblage sculpture and altered books. In each medium, I explore issues of identity, trust and imperfect memories.

I choose to center African American and female experiences, to expand the classical practice of using an individual narrative to illuminate the general human condition. My hope is that my work recognizes viewers who experience a daily sense of erasure, and that it brings others out of the isolation created by privilege.

Lisa Myers Bulmash is a collage and book artist who works primarily in acrylics, paper and found objects. Informally trained, Myers Bulmash began her career making handmade cards. After her father’s death in 2006, the artist felt compelled to take more personal risks in her creative life. Questions of identity, trust and the imperfect memory now drive most of her work. The artist aims to nudge the viewer into recognizing our shared stories, especially those narratives that are usually experienced in isolation.

TODAY America. Today
Dimensions: 16.5 x 18.5 by 1.5 inches
Price: contact Morton Fine Art Gallery to purchase.

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