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NWCS Members Spring 2022 Exhibit

Collage at the Lodge

Catalyst Fine Art in The Lodge at St Edward Park

14477 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore, WA 98028

Sarah Banks Emily in Paris
Andrea Lewicki Beam Me Up a Slice of Apple Pie
Colleen Foye Bollen Wasington Ferry
Colleen Foye Bollen Abstract of The Lodge
Kim McIver Neon Past
Louise Pietrafesa Water Joy
Rebecca Prokop Aqua/purple
Rebecca Prokop Red Robe
Wendy James Elephant Warrior
Elsa Bouman Terrace Town
Elsa Bouman Long Distance
Nan Harty Birds of a Feather
Nan Harty Reading Takes You Everywhere
Teresa Ettel Sunday Drive
Marcia Meckelson Miller Literacy Among Cows Merit Award
Kathryn Kim The Body Speaks
Kathryn Kim Laughter and Joy
Len Eisenhood It's Been Snowing All Day
Len Eisenhood Purple Iris in Green Vase
Susan Weihrich Intermezzo:Randomness
Susan Lauzac La Restauration
Gail Fligstein Varieties of Structures
Colleen MonetteColleen Monette Verbal Coverup
Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim Pretty If You Smile
Janice BallaJanice Balla Aquamarine I
Janice Balla Aquamarine II
Tress Connolly Message in a Bottle
Karen Gjelsteen Snug as a Bug in a Rug
Karen Gjelsteen A Roof Overhead
Kudra Migliaccio Birds Will Sing
Kudra Migliaccio Heart of Gold
Lynn Skordal Five Paper Plates
Lynn Skordal Hatchlings NW Collage Society Spring 2022 Award
Lisa Alden Harmony
Lisa Alden Out of Body
Lisa Alden Bliss
Debbie Smith New Pathways
Judith Heim Vagabond
Judith Heim My Secret Life
Judith Heim Pythagora's Daydream
Gail Larson Woodwind
Cheryl Chudyk Curious
Janice Clem Show Me Your Fortune, Cookie
Janice Clem Showtunes
John Arbuckle Ensemble Merit Award
John Arbuckle The Crow's Compendium
Gina Hanzsek Night Flowers I
Gina Hanzsek Converging
Kathy Parker Hawaii
Kathy Parker Memories
Lynette Hensley Jack's a Pirate
Lynette Hensley Sophia of the Orchard
Judith Sander Facing Wisdom NW Collage Society Award
Judith Sander Turning Pages in Her Mind
Leslee Currie Not So Alone After All Merit Award
Leslee Currie Too Much Static
Lynne Conrad Marvet All In
Karin Mueller Garden Dweller
Karin Mueller The Last Letter Eleanor Wolters Smith Award
Carol Gaskin Fox
Carol Gaskin Gaia
Martha Soriano Favorite Passtime
Lisa Sheets Semblance of Normalcy Merit Award
Anne La Fever Landlocked Sea Creature
Anne La Fever The Bird Lover Peggy Tuttle Memorial Award
Nancy Meldahl Remembering Montana
Torea Frey The Words
Nicola Beeson Redeem Reclaim Reform #1
Nicola Beeson Redeem Reclaim Reform #4
Candice Christie Sunday Morning Coffee
Chris Romine Dreamscape
Nicole Mertes The Rose
Peggy Champin Sunstruck
Robert Stockton High Roof Habitues
Janet Atlas Visionscape
Lisa Snow Lady Sorting Day
Ann Ringstad Winter Travel
Georgia Schlegal I Can't Put My Finger On It
Kim Weers Lenten Rose
Kim Weers The Sentinal (El Capitan)



Kamela Daniels

My father, David Daniels, was a Seattle based artist and educator teaching at PRATT Fine Arts Center and several community colleges. We would spend first Thursdays in Pioneer Square seeing all that the Seattle art scene was creating and feeding our creativity through dialogue about art. He shared his love of the local art community and always encouraged me to find my own place in it. After he died, I took many years away from the formal arts community, working in non-profits while raising my 4 children as a single parent. While I created small works for my home and friends, I stayed involved in supporting the arts through volunteering and as a board member for different organizations. I found my way back to working in fine arts when I was hired as Studio Manager for Julie Speidel from 2012 until she retired from sculpture. I started Catalyst Fine Art in 2018 and began working as an art consultant working with several local artists to support their career development, expand their public installations and increase exhibition opportunities. After working with artists, galleries, art advisors and collectors over these years, I found that I wanted to create opportunities to share artist's work that was non-traditional, low pressure, and be creative in ways to support more local artists. The position of the Arts Program Director at The Lodge at St Edward Park seemed to be a perfect fit and gave me the ability to open Catalyst Fine Art Gallery inside the Lodge as a venue for supporting and exhibiting Pacific Northwest artists.

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