NWCS Members Fall Exhibit 2018

Mercer Island Community and Event Center

Mercer Island, WA | Directions

John Arbuckle Swiss Cheese

Eleanor Wolters Smith Memorial Award

John Arbuckle The Discussion
Janet Atlas Daytona Dreamin
Janet Atlas Reaching
Meg Gray Absolute Zero
Meg Gray Remaining Still
Meg Gray Thinking Alone

Merit Award

Kathly Parker Blooming Cacti
Kathy Parker Grand Coulee Dam
Laurie Richardson Evening Performance
Laurie Richardson I Need Hope

Merit Award

Laurie Richardson Young To Me
Candice Christie Sweet Memories
Lisa DeBaets Wind Beneath My Wings
Debbie Smith Chart 42
Debbie Smith Happy Days
Debbie Smith Mathematical
Nan Harty Remember Her, Remember Her
Nan Harty She Wept, She Wept
GJ Gillespie I Know a Place
GJ Gillespie Invisible Men

Merit Award

GJ Gillespie When I was Young
Marilee Clarke Contemplation
Marilee Clarke Eleanor
Marilee Clarke Native Land
Patricia Ann Wilson Andy
Patricia Ann Wilson Essence of a Genious: Jean-Michel Basquiat
Patricia Ann Wilson John T Williams
Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim Beauty and the Feast
Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim Juanita Enjoyed the Riot
Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim Something to Prove
Becky Birinyi Maquette #1
Becky Birinyi Maquette #2
Becky Birinyi Sun House
Gail Larson Symbols of Asia
Kim Weers Mums The Word
Kim Weers The Eyes Have It
Terrie May On Time
Colleen Monette A la Requete
Colleen Monette The Painter

Peggy Tuttle Memorial Award

Colleen Monette Time Book
Robert Stockton Harmony and Dissonance

Northwest Collage Society Award

Robert Stockton Practicing the Blues
Robert Stockton The Mercenary's Dream
Leslee Currie Let's Face It
Leslee Currie Summer Elements

Merit Award

Leslee Currie The Lost City
Sarah Banks Babylon
Sarah Banks Morning Ritual
Sarah Banks The Scarf
Chris Romine Ode to a CD
Chris Romine Shield of Peace
Carole Carroll Fossils 2
Carole Carroll T-Shirt
Carole Carroll Wood Jar
MNichele Unger He Gets On My Nerves
Gina Hanzsek Beach Walk
Gina Hanzsek Kassos on My Mind

Northwest Collage Society Autumn Show Award

Gina Hanzsek Poire d'Automne
Anne La Fever In Limbo
Anne La Fever

Landscape Architect

Anne La Fever

Phrenologist Lost in Space



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