NWCS Members Winter Exhibit 2019

Washington State Convention Center

Seattle, WA | Directions

Margaret Wheeler Book Series #1: Adventure is Everywhere!
Margaret Wheeler Book Series #2: Happiness is Heading Home
Margaret Wheeler Book Series #3: Wilderness Dreams
Chris Romine Solution to Solitude
Stacie Hamm What Shall I Do
Lynn Skordal Big Fire at the Dream Factory
Lynn Skordal Map 1

Peggy Tuttle Memorial Award

Lynn Skordal Wanna Be
John Arbuckle Friends
Janice Clem A Show of Hands
Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim Life
Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim Look
Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim Power
Colleen Foye Bollen Springtime
Karen Pauley The Ghost of Greylock
Karen Pauley The World is Turning
Gina Hanzsek Whistle
Marilee Clarke Skyscrapers

Northwest Collage Society Award

Peggy Champin The Jungle Inside (#MeToo)

Merit Award

Amy Ferron Drawn to the Light
Amy Ferron In the Stone Pockets Under the Tide's Lip
Amy Ferron The River Knows the Secret
Barbara Mills Spring Fling
Barbara Mills Unknown Voyages
Sarah Banks Alhambra Dreams
Sarah Banks The History of Flamenco
Meg Gray Dancing
Meg Gray Dropping Dreams
Meg Gray My World

Merit Award

Robert Stockton Excauvating the Past (Stories I was Told)
Judith Heim Looking Down At Forgotten Objects
Kathryn V White When I'm Gone, Who Will Remember Me?
Ann Ringstad Organic Triad

Merit Award

Nan Harty Blue Lady

Gay Jensen Innovation Award

Nan Harty Fallen Woman
Becky Birinyi Belle Vista
Becky Birinyi Life Cycle of Confetti
Janet Atlas Mixed Arrangement
Carole Carroll Vessel
Nancy Meldahl Imagine Great Things
Nancy Meldahl Migration
Lisa Snow Lady Hanging Baskets
Lisa Snow Lady Palm Garden
Lisa Snow Lady Wishful Thinking
Susan Miller Across the Street
Susan Miller Post No Bills
Chris Baumgartner Mandala 1
Chris Baumgartner Mandala 2
Debbie Smith Betrayal of Memory
Debbie Smith Tree of Knowledge
Donna Jean Perry New Buds
Donna Jean Perry Sunset Falls
Colleen Monette Remnants

Eleanor Wolters Smith Memorial Award

Colleen Monette The Floor From Home
Colleen Monette Vestiments
Marcia Douglas Sweet Dreams
Wendy James Dissonance

Merit Award

Wendy James Flowers of Sulphur
Wendy James Thrush Family
Candice Christie Ballad To The Wild Rose
Leslie Raphael Red Planet Dream
Leslee Currie Landscape In Black and White
Kathryn Kim Ode to Beth
Kathryn Kim Ode to Beth Too (Spring and Autumn)
Michele Unger Maude on a Saturday Afternoon
Michele Unger Senor Garcia
Eileen Downes Mahalo
Eileen Downes Maui Charmer
Eileen Downes Yellow Pincushion Protea
GJ _Gillespie Trigger Button
GJ Gillespie Everyone's Gone to the Moon
GJ Gillespie Something in the Way
Cathy Anderson Hi Folks

Northwest Collage Society Winter 2019 Award

Cathy Anderson She Always Smiles



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