NWCS Members Cancer Lifeline Collaborative Show 2019

Cancer Lifeline's Dorothy O'Brien Center

Seattle, WA | 6522 Fremont Ave N. Seattle, WA

Kathy Parker Cool
Kathy Parker Hanging On
Kathy Parker Submission
Gina Hanzsek Rebirth
Kimi Bruzas Sticks
Liz Simpson Just After Sunset
Peggy Champin Expecting Autumn
Colleen Foye Bollen My Chemotherapy
Marilee Clarke Ode to Dr. Press
Marilee Clarke Summer Afternoon
Elsa Bouman Marrow
Elsa Bouman Seeing You
Elsa Bouman Snow
Kathryn V. White I Got This!
Suzanne Bailie I Think About My Heart
Suzanne Bailie The Battle of Glenda
Lynne Olson Traces
JoAnna Caro I Am Ready for a Writing Nap
Anne Ringstad Time to Feel Everything
Nicole Mertes Eclipse
Karen Pauley One Foot in Front of the Other
Susan K. Miller My Heart in Your Hands
Leslee Currie Counting to One
Yael Zahavy-Mittelman Love Carries Me Off
Yael Zahavy-Mittelman My Body and Me - The Love Connection
Yael Zahavy-Mittelman The Light in the Forest
Gail Larson Starburst
Kathryn Kim The Surgeon
Lynn Skordal What Is
Janet Atlas New Moon
Susan Lindsay Rising
Marcia Meckelson Miller Years Go By
Marcia Meckelson Miller Fiftieth Birthday
Randena Walsh What I Didn't Know
Randena Walsh What I Know About My Heart
Nan Harty Dreaming
Nan Harty She Won
Marcia Douglas Needle Song
Debbie Smith What I Didn't Know
Colleen Monette Memories of Dad
Colleen Monette The Four Seeds
Colleen Monette Threads
Carolyln Donovan Counting Crow
Lisa Sheets Her Dream
Sara Goss In Sleep and Dreams We Know How to Fly
Sara Goss When I Think About my Heart
Delorse Lovelady Blood Moon Eclipse
Delorse Lovelady Breakthrough to the Sun
Kim Weers Invisible...Yet a Presence
John Arbuckle Bristol 2
Kudra Migliaccio The Massage
Peggy Champin Chasing Dreams
Joanna Caro The Four Seeds
Gail Lovelady Memories of Donnelle



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