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2021 Fall Vintage Envelopes Exchange

Since the pandemic continues to limit our ability to meet in person, the NW Collage Society has held several member exchanges. For the fall of 2021 this exchange focused on the use of vintage envelopes as a base for collage. Members were provided with legal size vintage envelopes and given free rein as to how they responded to the envelopes. Each member made 5 or 6 collages and then exchanged them with other members in an assigned small group. . This gallery shows the finished pieces. If the artist chose to collage both the front and back of the envelope, the back is shown when "view" is clicked. Otherwise clicking "view" will lead to an enlarged version of the collaged envelope front.

Lynne Conrad Marvet Edythe's American Trust
Lynne Conrad Marvet Mr. Thomas's Vacation
Kim Weers Buick
Kim Weers Caterpillars
Kim Weers Dress Patterns
Kim Weers Environment
Kim Weers Wedding Clocks
Carol Ladas Gaskin The Garden in the Wall
Carol Ladas Gaskin Color of Red Colorado
Carol Ladas Gaskin Finding One's Way
Peggy Ostrander Communication 101--Land to Sea
Peggy Ostrander Communication 101--Life and Death
Peggy Ostrander Communication 101--Steel vs Nature
Tress Connolly Fan Mail for the Hollywood Star
Tress Connolly 81 Days Before Pearl Harbor
Gina Hanzsek Over Land and Mountain
Gina Hanzsek Jump Art Go
Gina Hanzsek Gardenwalk
Gina Hanzsek Apple of My Eye
Camille Blanchette To the Lakefront
Camille Blanchette Swimming With Stars
Camille Blanchette Harmony Romance
Camille Blanchette Through A Neglected Wall
Delorse Lovelady Sweet Moments
Delorse Lovelady Seeing Alice
Delorse Lovelady Azure Cove
Delorse Lovelady A Valley Party
Delorse Lovelady Alice In Nature

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